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Continua la serie "Chromatology" di A.Chromy

Gabriele Danesi Fine Art Studio
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Continua la serie di dipinti intitolata "Chromatology", dell'artista Anna Chromy, foto-riprodotta nel nostro Studio.


Taking to heart Napoleon’s opinion that “A picture is worth thousand words” and Horace’s words, that “A picture is a poem without words” Anna Chromy has created a series of paintings which illustrate the different aspects of a sustainable development based on ethics and conscience, values which are normally invisible.

The series is called “CHROMATOLOGY” and it incorporates in every painting one of Anna Chromy’s monumental sculptures from her series “Myths of Ancient Greek”, the cradle of Western civilization. These stories have preserved until today their power to explain the essential structure of life and its natural equilibrium with nature.

To create these paintings Anna Chromy uses strong colors which create in the observer an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium. The appearance of the image of the Cloak of Conscience in many of the paintings reinforces the sensation of harmony through beauty and love."





The Dome

The Dragon

The Dreamer

The Last Cry

The Morning Dawn

The Seeker

The Tree


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